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Since the beginning of the colonial period, in Ecuador and Latin America, political, social and economic models have been established that have eclipsed and almost disappeared the original culture.
The exploitation of natural resources and the ideological imposition have achieved that many of the traditions, customs and ancestral knowledge derive in legends or myths. Many of the community practices such as cooperativism (mingas) and reciprocity behaviors between living beings (ayni) remain as memories of a forgotten past.

In my work I intend to generate reflections on the "development models" that threaten humanity, models that are usually extractivist and with little attention to basic resources such as water, air and land. Also, I criticized individualistic human behaviors where the capital interest of a few, leaving aside the opinion of the majorities.

However, I like to use irony and a sense of humor to project these everyday problems in a lighter way, with the idea of leaving suffering and moving on to positivism and action. I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist with painting, sculpture and illustration as my main resource.


About Daniel

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